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Toyota Tsusho & PE Enter Agreement

Vancouver Company to work with Toyota Tsusho for Distribution of Cleantech Distribution of electric generators gets accelerated boost as Portable Electric, a technology company, enters into agreement with Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc..   VANCOUVER, AUG 13, 2019 – Portable Electric Ltd. (Portable Electric), a technology company and global leader in portable renewable energy systems – [...]

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Pumping Clean Power into Film

CEO of Portable Electric, Mark Rabin, spoke with National Observer reporter Brenna Owen at the CEM conference this year. In a deep discussion spanning energy, oil and gas, VOLTstack electric generators and the future of distributed power grids, it piqued her interest that the VOLTstacks were in heavy use across the global film industry. Electric [...]

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RELEASE: Largest Battery System Coming to Film

Vancouver Company To Produce World’s Largest Mobile Battery Power System Film industry to receive major “green” boost as Portable Electric, a technology company and Canada’s premier manufacturer of electric generators, prepares to launch first 200kW system. VANCOUVER, JUNE 25, 2019 – Portable Electric (PE), a technology company, global leader in portable renewable energy systems and manufacturer [...]

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RELEASE: Landmark Clean Energy Fleet Enters Film

Sim Makes Film Sustainability Milestone with Clean Energy First Clean Energy Power Station fleet brings dramatic sustainability to BC’s Film Industry in landmark purchase   VANCOUVER, BC (June 21, 2018) – Portable Electric, the world’s premier manufacturer of clean energy power stations, has delivered a nine-strong fleet of lithium-ion battery power stations to Sim, the [...]

PRESS RELEASE: Portable Electric Makes History

Portable Electric Makes History Powering Hon. Min. Catherine McKenna & Toronto Stock Exchange Closing Bell with Clean Energy at Globe 2018 Clean tech disruptor electrifies GLOBE Forum with renewable energy for the first time in history.   VANCOUVER, BC (March 22nd, 2018) – Portable Electric, the world’s premier manufacturer and supplier of clean energy alternatives [...]

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Vancouver portable energy company turns gaze to Hollywood

Original article in Metro Vancouver A Vancouver company is offering an alternative to noisy gas generators by renting out renewable power systems and aims to ride its success with the local film industry into L.A. Entrepreneur Mark Rabin founded Portable Electric when he realized there was no alternative to gas-guzzling generators that people use to [...]

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Powering a film set can be silent, clean and portable

Read the full story on Thriving Vancouver. “The film industry in Vancouver has long been conscious of sustainable production,” says Zena Harris, President at Green Spark Group, a sustainability consultancy that serves the film industry. “Efforts in this space formalized in 2006 with the formation of Reel Green and have evolved to include vendors such as [...]

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Sustainable Film – Portable Electric on Set of FX’s Legion

Original article can be found at 21st Century Fox. "FX’s “Legion” drew praise from critics and audiences alike for its ambitious storytelling and visual style, and fans can now check out an exclusive video and case study detailing how the cast and crew brought that same level of ambition to going green behind-the-scenes. All departments made a [...]

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Portable Electric named a Clean Tech ‘Emerging Rocket’

Ready to Rocket, a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth, announced on March 2nd that Portable Electric was selected as an 'Emerging Rocket'. The 15th annual Rocket Lists analyzed over 500 top British Columbia startups this year. Portable Electric is proud to join a cohort of 19 [...]

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Welcome to ‘Battery Life’!

Written by Mark Rabin Hi Everyone, thanks for tuning in to Battery Life, this is the first instalment of our newsletter surveying the revolutionary world of energy and what powers us! Until very recently, our relationship with electricity was of a unidirectional nature, a "catch the electron if you can", or lose it forever. All [...]

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