Still using gas & diesel generators?

Portable Electric builds, rents and sells the VOLTstack series of silent emission-free power stations for the film, event and construction industries.

A VOLTstack is a renewable energy alternative to the traditional gas and diesel generator. It is better for the environment, it requires no expensive fuels, and it is quieter cleaner and healthier to work around.


Full wireless monitoring and data collection. Long-life, 10 – 15 year / 5000+ cycle lithium ion batteries. 5 year manufacturers warranty.

VOLTstack 2k

Perfect for your live band, small event, wedding DJ, or indie film shoot

VOLTstack 2k

2 kW; 2 kWh (120V)

7-12 hours of continuous power
3 hour fast recharge from 120V wall outlet
Portable, plug and play for off-grid applications
Solar/wind recharge
Indoor/outdoor use
CSA Certified

Weight: 95lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 27’’ x 20’’ x 24’’


VOLTstack 5k

Perfect for your longer event, sports tournament, film shoot or job site

VOLTstack 5k

5 kW; 5.6 kWh (120V)

10-20 hours of continuous power
2.5 hour fast recharge
Workhorse large enough for almost any temporary application
Solar/wind recharge
Indoor/outdoor use
CSA Certified

Weight: 290lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 27’’ x 20’’ x 34’’


VOLTstack 9k

Perfect for your 500+ person live event, or larger street fair

VOLTstack 9k

9 kW; 28 kWh (120/240 V)

10-20 hours of continuous power (3 hrs at 9 kW)
4 hour fast recharge from 240V/208V (EV J1772 inlet)
Sleek, compact trailer, easy to tow and handle
Can be located next to any infrastructure, people, or confined spaces
120/240 VAC @ 72/36 A
CSA Certified

Weight: 1100lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 76’ x 36’’ x 48’’


VOLTstack 13k

Perfect for your Studio film production, and larger sound stages

VOLTstack 13k

13 kW; 40-110 kWh (120/240 V)

Can be customized to suite needs
10-20 hours of continuous power (3 hrs* at 13 kW)
5 hour* fast recharge from 240V/208V (EV J1772 inlet)
Sleek, compact trailer, easy to tow and handle
Can be located next to any infrastructure, people, or confined spaces
120/240 VAC @ 100/50 A
CSA Certified

Weight: 3000lbs
Dimensions: (L x W x H): 108’’ x 60’’ x 60’’



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Portable Electric gave the Vancouver International Soccer Festival the power to choose clean, renewable energy. I am thrilled they are operating in Vancouver and impressed at the capability of their battery systems. We will certainly get them to power our entire event next year!

Adri, Founder and Director of Vancouver International Soccer Festival

I have been looking for this type of solution that Portable Electric offers for some time. I was always thinking that the noisy, smelly gas powered generators were taking away from our events. Portable Electric delivered exactly what they said they would. Thank you.

Bernard Leclair, Vancouver Pride Director

We were excited to Welcome Portable Electric to help power our Blessed Coast Festival this year and in doing so, we were blown away! The level of stewardship the team holds over this incredible technology made the difference in smoothly running our sound and lighting off silent, renewable energy. It was a miracle we had only dreamed of years ago.

Kybor Garner, Blessed Coast

Portable Electric is about to change the way festivals sound and smell forever. The inaugural Vancouver Mural Festival launched with 80,000 people celebrating on Main Street and one of the best parts of the event was the “festival staple” that was missing: stinky gas generators and rumbling motors behind every stage and food cart. Instead: quiet, clean power! We look forward to the impending festival power revolution.

Andrea Curtis, Vancouver Mural Festival

Using silent electric power saved us a number of headaches. Having the power station right beside set meant I could manage this project with very little help and save money. Because noisy gas or diesel options need to be hundreds of feet away before the sound man stops complaining, you often need an extra person who can babysit the unit, keep it topped up and check the lines if something goes wrong. I managed this entire project with only one other LX crew member, and I was never more than a few steps from set.

Kerri Coombs, Lighting Department in IATSE 891



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